An Urban Observation Sound Installation

Cento Nacional de las Artes / 2016

i-SOU is a sound installation to intervene public spaces, a watchtower in which the public can observe their immediate urban surroundings through a dome, while being immersed in a sound environment that is affected by the traffic or movement that surrounds it. The piece aims to be a space for reflection and introspection in the midst of the coming and going that happens in an open public space, inside this vessel, the visitor in turn, can have a solitary and objective experience of what surrounds him, immersed in an artificial environment that motivates the reflection of reality, from an oniric approach, where the events on the outside detonate and affect the sound environment in the interior, which, in turn, affects the way of perceiving what is observed. In this game, the observer also becomes the observed one, since it is integrated as part of the object, which, beyond camouflaging itself with its surroundings, is planted in it, making its presence evident. The mechanism of action of the installation is based on the subject being introduced in the observation post, embarking on a visual-sound journey that takes it out of its original context. By means of sensors positioned on the periphery of the piece, the different frequencies that are part of the sound composition will be activated.

This project was funded by PAPIAM 2014. copy.jpg copy.jpg copy 2.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg