Instalación Auricular Polifónica

[IAP]~ is yet another sound-art piece, this one integrates an eight channel spatialization within a cocoon-like structure that wraps around the upper half of the body, submerging the listener in a personalized sound black hole.


.namklaw / Prototype

.namklaw is a portable sound device in which the concept of the personal audio player is expanded into a mobile sound installation.

This is the prototype model made at an early stage.

++ audio
++ video




dutu_nzüni is a piece that integrates sound, textile and technology. Each piece is constructed using textiles generated in waist strapped looms in communities of the Sierra de Puebla, México. In order to apply specific design to traditional techniques, we'll create patterns to meet the requirements of each piece, assembling them later to build the installations.



Bowdrills is an interactive sound installation that consists of seven musical devices. It's mechanism integrates bow drills, piano strings, strumming figures, proximity sensors and a micro controller. The interaction of the piece is detonated by the human flow outside the space that contains it, the people's movement is captured by proximity sensors, activating the mechanism of each one of the devices. The micro controller then sends the command to the mechanism that controls the movement of the bow drills, which in turn spins the strumming figures, stroking the piano strings and producing the harmonies in each of them. This way the sound travels trough the devices generating a musical counterpoint that takes the listener to aural spaces that fade from left to right, as well as form back to front, creating a feeling of movement within the space.



This piece came to being as we thought it would be interesting to create an interactive audio-visual installation using the recordings on video of the sessions with the traditional musicians that we worked with for this project, as well as with the sound of the weaving process and the guitar parts i performed. The piece consists of 8 LCD monitors that are controlled by the audience through sensors. The sensors send the impulse to an arduino that is controlled by a Pd patch. This allows the person in front of each set, to control the speed / direction of the video and it’s audio, which is reproduced on a second hand speaker. Being that every set has a different kind of speaker, each has a distinctive tone color to it. This way the sound pieces on each video and the audience manipulating them, will mark the cadence and the expression of the global interpretation of the installation.



_soundrrolls is an installation that seeks to rework the idea of the music box and the piano roll, transporting them into a contemporary context, where, through a musical discourse we can hilight the poetics of the mechanical process.

The piece consists of the spatialisation of six mechanical instruments, which generate a harmonic couterpoint controled by human intervention. Each machine play a part of the composition through different procesess which will include proximity, movement, stomp and light sensors, friction and percussion mechanisms, all controlled by patches and interfaces, then amplified to generate the sound of the piece.



This project was commissioned by the Fundación Ruta de la Amistad and consists of an installation in one of the 23 sculptures from the route. The sculpture we choose to work with is TORRE DE LOS VIENTOS (Uruguay). Windstroment is a sound art piece that seeks to transform the sculpture into a wind instrument, taking advantage of the cross-current winds that blow through the place. A giant lid with three mouth pieces will generate the sounds when hit by the wind, the reverberation inside the tower serves as an acoustic chamber for the composition.