IHN~ (Interplant Hyphae Networks) //


IHN~ is a research art piece that we are working on, which proposes a sound-based approach to the phenomenon of mycorrhization. We are interested in speculating on new ways of understanding fungi's role in plant intercommunication. The piece, which exists in the crossroads between Bio / Sound Art, proposes a hypothesis in which four different species of plants are induced into specific sound frequencies, with the idea of nourishing the fungus' hyphae attraction field. Based on this approach, we want to know if we can help amplify the flow of the Common Mycorrhizal Network through sound.

We have been investigating the properties and possibilities of the mycelium. On one hand, the mycorrhizal work improves plant nutrition by reaching spaces in the soil and sources of nutrients that are difficult for roots to access. On the other hand, the application of mycelium in the creation of new sustainable materials. For these reasons, we wanted to explore further the mycelium processes, its importance for plant microbiome, and the symbiosis it forms with most plants.

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